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Interview: Nicola Peltz & Jack Reynor talk “Transformers: Age of Extinction”

I had some great laughs during my interview with Nicola Peltz  & Jack Reynor for the blockbuster hit, “Transformers Age Of Extinction“. A couple weeks ago we discussed their first impressions of each other, which animated series they would want to see turned into a live action film, and what movie inspired them to become actors.

Aired originally on ICTN’s About Towne.

Click here to watch Interview with Nicola Peltz & Jack Reynor


Interview: Shailene Woodley, Nat Wolff, & John Green talk “The Fault in Our Stars”

I got a chance to sit down with Shailene Woodley, Nat Wolff and author John Green for the most talked about love story, “The Fault in our Stars”.  We talked about falling in love, deal breakers when dating, meeting our heroes, and more!  Easily one of my favorite interviews ever.

The interview originally aired on ICTN’s arts and entertainment magazine show, About Towne.

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Interview: Vanessa Hudgens talks “Gimme Shelter”

A couple weeks ago I got to sit down with Vanessa Hudgens, director Ronald Krauss, and Kathy Difiore to discuss their new film, “Gimme Shelter.”  The piece aired on ICTN’s entertainment show,  About Towne. 

Click this link to watch the interview

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“Gimme Shelter” hits theaters today!