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Interview: US Special Forces Mark Nutsch and Bob Pennington talk “12 Strong”

To promote the “12 Strong” movie, two of the members of the real life U.S. Special Forces team (Mark Nutsch played by Chris Hemsworth and Bob Pennington played by Michael Shannon) went on tour. I enjoyed a remarkable interview with them as we discussed how they felt seeing their story brought to life, the importance of portraying the alliance with the Afghanistan Army and much more.

“12 Strong” hits theaters January 19.


Interview: Writer Graham Moore discusses “The Imitation Game”


I sat down with the now Academy Award nominee writer Graham Moore.  We discussed Alan Turing, Joan Clarke, how to flirt and more!

Click Here to Watch the Interview

Interview: “Foxcatcher” Director Bennett Miller Discusses Pressures And Friendships

I sat down with  Academy Award nominee Bennett Miller (Director) for his latest film, “Foxcatcher.” We discussed the pressure of not wanting to let someone down, the definition of a “real” friend, and more! FOXCATCHER opens Wednesday, November 26 at Cinemark West and Angelika Dallas.

Click Here to Watch “Foxcatcher” Interview with Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller

Interview: “The Houses October Built”

The Houses October Built

Director: Bobby Roe

Writers: Bobby Roe, Zack Andrews, Jason Zada

Stars: Zack Andrews, Bobby Roe, Mikey Roe, and Brandy Schaefer


Looking to find an authentic, blood-curdling good fright for Halloween, five friends set off on a road trip in an RV to track down these underground Haunts. Just when their search seems to reach a dead end, strange and disturbing things start happening and it becomes clear that the Haunt has come to them.

I sat down with Zack Andrews, Bobby Roe, Mikey Roe, and Brandy Schaefer to discuss their new film, “The Houses October Built.”

Click here for “The Houses October Built” Interview


Interview: “The Good Lie”-Margaret Nagle, Arnold Oceng & Kuoth Wiel discuss Miracle Food and Life Changing Choices

They were known simply as “The Lost Boys.” Orphaned by the brutal Civil war in Sudan that began in 1983, these young victims traveled as many as a thousand miles on foot in search of safety. Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort would bring 3600 lost boys and girls to America.  In “The Good Lie,” director Philippe Falardeau, (“Monsieur Lazhar”) brings the story of their survival and triumph to life. Sudanese actors Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany, Emmanuel Jal, and newcomer Kuoth Weil, many of whom were also children of war, star alongside Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon and Corey Stoll. 

I sat down with The Good Lie writer Margaret Nagle (Red Band Society, Boardwalk Empire) and stars Arnold Oceng and Kuoth Wiel to discuss life changing choices, how we can help the South Sudanese children, and much more.

I really did love this film, I wasn’t prepared for how emotionally affected I would be.  I do wish I had had some tissue.  But I have to say it was so well written, and you two were fantastic in it. 

Kuoth, Arnold, Margaret: “Awe, Thank you!”

So a lot of the characters are faced with some tough choices in this movie.  What’s the biggest decision you guys have had to make so far in your life; either career wise or just a life changing decision in general?

Margaret: “Ask them because my life is just…”

Kuoth: “Um, I think that this film itself for me was a decision that I had to make.  Because at the time I auditioned for it, I was in college.  And it was my last semester. So the casting director had told me that if you’re going to do the film you’re going to have to give up school because we’re going to be filming for about two months and there’s a lot of travel in between.  And so I gave up my school taking the opportunity of doing the film because of the script itself.  Because I felt that I needed to be a part of it because this was the history of my country.  And so, knowing that I took the opportunity, obviously, hoping for the best (laughs).”

Arnold: “Same, same, exact same to me.  It was a big decision to be part of this film, a decision that I had to make.  And it has changed my life being part of this film.  It’s changed my life immensely.  I’ve learned about my people, I’ve learned about my culture.  Things I didn’t know.  Coming from my father, my father is from South Sudan and I came to the UK.  So being a refugee myself, and not growing up to know my father.  I had to be part of this film to grow and to mature into a man.  You know there’s a great saying, ‘you don’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.’  And I didn’t know where my father was from or what he’s been through, or where he’s been.  So this was an emotional journey for me and a big decision, and I’m happy I was part of it.”

The whole time while I was watching this movie I kept thinking, I have to do something.  I just wanted to help out in some way, because the film makes you feel that way when you’re watching.  And I was so happy that you (Arnold) mentioned because once I got home I donated…

Margaret, Arnold, Kuoth: “Oh, yay! Thank you!”

It’s really rare that a movie can have that effect on the audience.  Is there another movie for you guys that after watching it you got inspired to help out for a good cause?

Kuoth: “I always feel like you have that effect with documentaries.  And that’s why this film was also special too.  Because Philippe has that special thing where he makes you feel like this is something that’s in a way very authentic, but it feels real to people.”

Margaret: “But I also think film is this emotional language.  It’s a language that the whole world can speak.  We can all watch a movie and get a certain value from it.  That someone in China or someone in, you know, Argentina; we can watch the same film and we get it.  We all get it.  And so I always believe that unlike a documentary, and this is what always kept me going, is I know this film can break down barriers for all of us.  It’s funny, it’s entertaining, and it’s an intimate epic.  But also that you can understand and so could someone a world away could understand it too and want to give that 5 dollars to the Good Lie Fund.  We’re asking people to think about South Sudan.  We’re going to try and make a difference.”

There’s also a lot of humor in here, too.  One of the funniest parts was when the guys were thanking God for the miracle food that is pizza.  I think pizza is amazing as well, but do you guys have a favorite food that you would also say is worthy of that title? 

Arnold: “Ha-ha, yeah, I’m telling you for this film I had to loose so much weight.  So now that I’m allowed to eat the food I want, I’d say steak! (Laughs)…”

Margaret: “Steak, the ‘Lost Boys and Girls’ love steak and orange juice.  And then the Cheerios, that’s my favorite.  I’m an obsessive Cheerios eater.  And I also love; I personally feel pizza is a miracle food.  I feel like that’s sort of a universal, like everybody feels like pizza is you know?  That’s why you laugh at that.  Because you know in any language airplane food is bad, pizza is good.”

The Good Lie opens in theaters October 3.

Click here for “The Good Lie” Video Interview


*If you would like to help South Sudanese children in crisis and “Lost Boys and Girls” communities by please donate at

Interviews: “Draft Day” Tom Welling & “Dom Hemingway” Richard Shepard

Tom Welling talks “Draft Day”

tom welling



Director Richard Shepard on “Dom Hemingway”

dom rich

Interview/Review: Gabby Douglas Talks Lifetime’s “The Gabby Douglas Story”

Interview/Review: Gabby Douglas Talks Lifetime’s ‘The Gabby Douglas Story’

She became the house-hold name that everyone could not stop talking about during the summer of 2012.  Olympian Gabrielle Douglas was the first African American ever to be named Individual All-Around Champion in artistic gymnastics at the Olympic Games.   Lifetime is bringing Gabby’s story to life with the television première of “The Gabby Douglas Story.”

When the odds were against them, Gabby and her family still didn’t give up until she was able to her reach her dream.  Regina King plays the struggling single mother of four who goes through extreme obstacles to keep her daughter’s dreams alive.  As she fights through illness and financial problems, her other three children have no reservations when it comes to sacrificing what they need to in order to pay for Gabby’s gymnastics classes.  Her family knows she has a gift.  Their belief in her, combined with her incredible drive and passion, leads to one emotional journey of determination and success in this inspiring true story.  Imani Hakim and Sydney Mikayla share the role of playing the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

In honor of her anticipated biopic, Gabby Douglas spoke with us to discuss the upcoming film that will premiere this Saturday night on Lifetime.

Thank you for taking time to speak with me today.  I enjoyed the movie and it was really inspiring.   I especially liked the quote your mom would always tell you and your siblings, “Today should always be better than yesterday.”  How do you continue to live by that quote today?

“I live by that quote because I feel like, you know, it’s motivation that keeps me going. You have to find something that motivates you and drives you.   You want to do the thing that you love.  The Olympics is driving me to the gym and busts my butt every single day, just by giving 100%.”

It was so amazing watching the unbelievable support that your family gave you in order for you to pursue your dreams.  How has life changed for you and your family since winning the gold medals?

“Wow.  Life has changed so much for us and we’re just so blessed and so honored.  I’m really honored that they could be apart of this journey, too.  And life is just different.  It changed so fast.  Everyone and the world was like who is Gabby Douglas?  And then I won the Olympics and it was like an overnight celebrity thing.  I never thought it would happen so fast.”

Did your family ever give you an “I told you so” after your wins? Because I feel like they believed in you so much, even when you wanted to quit. 

“Yes. (Laughs) Well not I told you so exactly, but they believed in me when I didn’t believe in me.  But yes at the end, they were kind of like see, we told you!  It was great, just having people around you that believe in you when you don’t, and they inspired me to believe in myself.”

And finally, I thought one of the greatest parts in the film was watching the workout montage while the song, “Hall of Fame” by The Script is playing in the background.  If you could choose any song to be the soundtrack of your life, what song would it be?

“Mmm, I think I’d pick…um “Hall of Fame” is a good one, and I think I’d pick “Girl on Fire.”

“The Gabby Douglas Story” will air on Saturday, February 1st at 8pm ET /PT on Lifetime.

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Interview: Vanessa Hudgens talks “Gimme Shelter”

A couple weeks ago I got to sit down with Vanessa Hudgens, director Ronald Krauss, and Kathy Difiore to discuss their new film, “Gimme Shelter.”  The piece aired on ICTN’s entertainment show,  About Towne. 

Click this link to watch the interview

vanessa interview g

“Gimme Shelter” hits theaters today!