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For over 11 years now, I have been getting to do my dream job reviewing current films for Irving Community Television (ICTN). Only furthering that dream with interviewing the actors and directors that come to Dallas, TX to promote their films. It truly has been a blessing and a strong passion of mine. Which is why I have decided to share that passion even more with THISCHIXFLIX.COM. I will be posting reviews of some of the hottest films today, interviews with film makers and stars, and discussing coverage of special entertainment events!

I’m a proud Persian-American who loves movies. Since I was a kid, film has been one of the best escapes, adventures, romances, and laughs I have experienced. I am always asked “What is your favorite movie?”. The Breakfast Club, hands down! It was the first movie I ever emotionally connected with and in general John Hughes’ work had a tendency to never let me down. I am always curious what others’ favorite films are and why they enjoy the movies they love. So please feel free to send me your thoughts on any films!

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  1. Christen

    SUS! Congrats on this awesome site!!! LOVE IT!

  2. Debbie Fleck

    My top 10 movies of all time: Gone with the Wind, Chariots of Fire, Two for the Road, Moulin Rouge, The Princess Bride, Dr. Zhivago, To Kill a Mockingbird, Casablanca, The Graduate and My Fair Lady.
    Nice website!

  3. Debbie Fleck

    And I love the Red Carpet photo!!

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