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Interview: Elijah Wood & Rose Leslie talk “The Last Witch Hunter”

I sat down with two of the stars of the latest fantasy, adventure, The Last Witch Hunter. Elijah Wood and Rose Leslie discussed the greatest part of getting to grow old, memories they would want to relive, whose dream they want to dream walk into, and more!

The Last Witch Hunter opens in theaters October 23.


Movie Review: “Steve Jobs” is a Fascinating Character Study

In 2013 we were subjected to a Steve Jobs biopic that offered no real emotion, a sloppy story line, and an underwhelming performance by Ashton Kutcher.  Two years later, we can wash that bad taste out of our mouths as Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) and Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network, Moneyball) have treated us to a captivating film with a brilliant script.

Let’s be frank.  This film was going to be better than that first attempt of Steve Jobs’ story by default.  This cast, this director, and this screenwriter already had the upper hand.  Fortunately, the talented combination delivered.

Steve Jobs is set in three acts; each containing a few necessary flashbacks built around Jobs’ (Michael Fassbender) first three big product unveilings.  Essentially, we are seeing three days in his life spread out over 14 years.  Adding to the authenticity of the movie, each day is filmed using the technology of that specific time period.

In each of the three acts, Jobs has what seems to be some of the most pivotal and confrontational conversations with the same five important people: His PR person (Kate Winslet), Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), Andy Hertzfeld (Michael Stuhlbarg), John Sculley (Jeff Daniels), and his daughter.  All of which are equally captivating.  Within these fast-paced moving acts, we get emotionally invested in all these characters, including Jobs.  Oddly enough, you can’t help but root for all them even though at times they are on opposing sides.  Though all his relationships were enthralling, I mostly enjoyed watching Jobs’ development with his daughter, who was played by three different actresses (Makenzie Moss, Ripley Sobo, and Perla Haney-Jardine).  It’s touching to see the gradual transformation of Steve Jobs, as he first goes from denying any paternal role to eventually proving just how much he cares for his daughter.

The acting is superb.  Michael Fassbender gives a mesmerizing performance as Steve Jobs, and Seth Rogen is no laughing matter as he succeeds to show off a more serious side as “Woz.”

It’s a film that will make you feel as though we have been given an inside look into three of the most significant moments of Jobs’ life.  This is how Steve Jobs’ story should be told.

Rating: 4/5

Steve Jobs opens in theaters October 16.

“Steve Jobs” Official Trailer HD

The Dallas Film Society to Honor Isabella Rossellini at The Art of Film

DALLAS (TBD, 2015) – The Dallas Film Society is thrilled to honor Isabella Rossellini at the 6th annual The Art of Film gala on Friday, November 20, 2015. In an effort to celebrate talent within the film community, the prominent Dallas fundraising event has recognized some of the biggest names in film including Robert Duvall, John Lithgow, Val Kilmer, Lee Daniels, and Marisa Tomei. Proceeds from the evening are directed to the year-round programming of the Dallas Film Society, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, and more specifically the 10th annual Dallas International Film Festival and the 2016 DFS Summer Film Camp in 2015, presented by SMU – Division of Film & Media Arts.

The Art of Film offers an opportunity for film lovers to gather for an elegant dinner and enjoy a moderated conversation with the very talented Isabella Rossellini who has left her mark in film, television, theater, writing, and directing. The event will be hosted at The Space on Oak Lawn in Dallas. An exciting addition to this year’s event will be a display of at least 20 works of art by Andy Warhol, courtesy of Christie’s in partnership with The Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Andy Warhol worked across a wide range of media, including film, which makes The Art of Film an ideal occasion to also recognize his many talents. Ms. Rossellini has in fact even been a subject of Mr. Warhol’s talents. 

Rossellini made an unforgettable impression on Hollywood with her leading role in BLUE VELVET for which she received an Independent Spirit Award® for Best Female Lead. Rossellini also received a Golden Globe® nomination for her performance in the television film CRIME OF THE CENTURY, and an Emmy Award® nomination for her guest appearance in the television series CHICAGO HOPE. Her additional film credits include WILD AT HEART; DEATH BECOMES HER; BIG NIGHT; INFAMOUS; TWO LOVERS; and ENEMY.

Since 2009, Rossellini has written, directed, and starred in a series of 40 short films about animals titled GREEN PORNO which airs on the Sundance Channel. Following a positive reception and worldwide popularity, Rossellini embarked on an international tour of her hilarious one-woman show which she continues to perform around the world. Rossellini’s latest project is the theatrical performance of TRIBUTE TO INGRID BERGMAN. The show premiered in London on September 6, 2015 and has since been seen in New York, Paris, and Rome. The performance celebrates the centenary of Rossellini’s mother, Ingrid Bergman, and integrates her autobiography and correspondence. Rossellini can also be seen on the silver screen in David O. Russell’s JOY, set for release on December 25, 2015. Rossellini will appear opposite Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, and Bradley Cooper.

“Isabella Rossellini has established a remarkable acting career in Hollywood and on television and we look forward to celebrating her many accomplishments,” said James Faust, Artistic Director of the Dallas Film Society. “Ms. Rossellini will certainly provide guests with an entertaining evening and will do the Dallas Film Society a great honor when she accepts the Dallas Star Award.”

Emmy Award® winning journalist Gary Cogill will serve as guest moderator for the evening. Cogill is a highly sought after speaker in Texas and his extensive interviewing experience ensures the conversation will be filled with enjoyable and compelling dialogue.

The Art of Film is supported by Stacy Girard and Jerry Rasansky, on board as Event Chairs. “The Dallas Film Society has shown unwavering passion for the film and arts scene in Dallas,” said Stacy Girard, Executive Editor of D Home and D Weddings Magazines. “We have long admired the work of this organization and we’re thrilled to be a part of an event which attracts incredible talent such as Isabella Rossellini,” continued Jerry Rasansky, Dallas attorney and businessman. “We look forward to celebrating Isabella and her incredible career.”

This year’s Honorary Chairs are widely recognized Film Industry leaders Barbara and Stan Levenson. Their careers as Public Relations and Advertising trailblazers in Dallas span more than 45 years, many of which have been dedicated to the arts, community service, and support for education. Barbara and Stan’s passion for advancing the love film all over the southwest was evident in the promotion of thousands of films through their Agency, Levenson & Hill, partnering with studios from Hollywood to Dallas.

Individual tickets from $500 are available for purchase, and underwriting opportunities are available from $5,000. The Art of Film begins with red carpet arrivals at 6:30PM, the reception at 7:00PM, the conversation at 8:00PM and the seated dinner at 9:00PM. Additional information regarding The Art of Film can be found on Dallas Film Society’s website, Contact the Dallas film society at or call 214.720.0555 for more information.


Movie Review: “The Walk”, “Bridge of Spies”, & “The Martian”

Here are quick reviews of three fall films that just might have some early Oscar impact: “The Martian,” “The Walk,” and “Bridge of Spies.” Originally aired on Irving Community Television’s “About Towne” show.

Interview: Jake Johnson and Steve Berg talk “Digging with Fire”

digging for fire
I sat down with Jake Johnson (writer/actor) and Steve Berg (actor) to discuss their latest film, Digging for Fire. We talked about love, the key to a healthy relationship, and Jared from Subway?  It was definitely an interesting interview!

Digging for Fire is available to watch on VOD.