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Interview: Jennifer Garner talks “Miracles from Heaven” on the Red Carpet

“Miracles From Heaven”, a feature film produced in the DFW area, recently had its red carpet premiere. Stars and local celebrities like Jennifer Garner and the Beam family were in attendance and we got to speak to them about the powerful faith-based film.  It’s beautiful film with a touching message of how miracles are all around us in our daily lives.  Side note– Bring a box of Kleenex for this one!

“Miracles from Heaven” opens in theater on March 16.


Interview: “Home” Red Carpet Premiere with Jim Parsons

We spoke with Jim Parson (The Big Bang Theory), director Tim Johnson, and Good Morning America contest winner, Cheryl Jackson at the North Texas red carpet premiere of Home.

Click Here to watch Interview with Jim Parsons, Director Tim Johnson, and Cheryl Jackson

jim parsons

 Home opens in theater everywhere March 27.

Interview: The Cast of ‘Dallas’ Celebrates a New Season & J.R. Ewing’s Name Lives On

Highland Park Village Theater held an exclusive red carpet premiere event last week.  Many cast members of the popular TNT Drama, Dallas, came out in honor of the show’s return, and to launch Southfork Bottling Company’s newest product, the J.R. Ewing Bourbon.   The anticipated drink is expected to hit liquor stores around the metroplex in March.  “It really brings you back to what J.R. was all about.  The highest quality, the class, and the charisma that J.R. brought to the table, and I think that’s embodied in the bourbon itself and in the packaging, and presentation,” says Andy Harmon (Co-founder of Southfork Bottling Company).

As the red carpet continued, stars of the hit series took photos, and signed autographs for the fans, but not before quickly speaking with us about the new season and all the drama that’s to come!

At the end of last season you (Christopher) and Elena kind of didn’t really leave off on good terms.  How is your relationship going to be this season?

Jesse Metcalfe: Tumultuous.  I mean when we first find Christopher he’s grown a beard and he is chopping wood out on the plains of Southfork.  So he’s not in the best of places.  But much like his father did in the original series, when he’s going through some inner turmoil he kind of gets back to the land and does some work in the ranch to sort of clear his mind and, um, things don’t get any better from there.”

I love your (Pamela) relationship with John Ross on the show, which is why I am so frustrated that (cut off)

Julie Gonzalo: That he’s a cheater! (Laughs)

Yes! But it’s clear that he’s in love with Pamela, though. Why does he cheat?

Julie: I know! It’s really, well, I mean look if he didn’t then we wouldn’t have this awesome dynamic and intense show.  So I think there has to be a conflict.  Um, but yes your right.  I think that they do truly kind of love each other so hopefully, uh, they’ll, we’ll see what happens but were only in season 3 so I hope they don’t really make amends that soon.” (Laughs)

Emma Bell who play’s John Ross’ mistress walked the red carpet with fellow cast members Marlene Forte, who plays Carmen Ramos, and the newest trouble maker of the show, Juan Pablo Di Pace who plays Nicolas Trevino.

What is it that you are so drawn to John Ross, because I thought you had a great connection with Drew.

Emma: “Well you know that’s a great thing, we were actually just talking about that (laughs), um, I think John Ross is kind of the epitome of that bad boy you can’t tame and every girl wants to tame that guy, and also he’s full of power and that’s incredibly intoxicating, especially to a girl like Emma because she doesn’t know, she can’t differentiate between power and love.”

Marlene: “She’s definitely a trouble maker.” (Laughs)

Emma: “I’m not, I’m just misunderstood.”

Marlene: “And my son loves her, but she’s going to lead him the wrong way and then there’s this one.” (points to Juan)

Tell me about your character (Nicolas).

Juan: “Well it’s a new one, it’s a new one in the mix and he’s a little bit of trouble, even though he does have a very charming front.  I sort of come in and help my childhood friend Elena and things just get complicated, very complicated, very soon.  So, um, it’s a great character, it’s written like a dream with the wonderful team we have…”

Emma: “And he plays it masterfully.”

Juan: “AW, I’ll pay you later.” (Laughs)

And how is Carmen handling all this drama?

Marlene: “Oh…she’s handling it, she’s going to be thrusting through the middle of it.”

Emma: “We call her crocodile tears on set.”

Juan: “Oh, Carmen this year is amazing stuff.”

Marlene: “There’s a lot of weeping going on.” (Laughs)

What’s in store for Sue Ellen this season?

Linda Grey: “It is so exciting! I think this is one of the most exciting seasons for Sue Ellen.  It starts off kind of quiet (laughs).  That’s the last you’ll see of that (laughs).  So, it’s just every character is interesting and they’re deeper, and they’re badder, and they’re more fun.  It’s just so much fun to see.  So the first show is just kind of introducing the new people, it’s quiet, very controlled. Then it turns to chaos!  We love chaos!” (Laughs)

New episodes of Dallas are currently airing on TNT every Monday night at 8pm central.

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