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Special Events: Dallas Film Society Honors Toni Collette


 The Art of Film set for Friday, November 21, 2014 with Event and Honorary Chairs Established

DALLAS, TX, September 5, 2014 — The Dallas Film Society is thrilled to honor Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning actress Toni Collette at The Art of Film in its 5th year on Friday, November 21, 2014. Geared toward celebrating talent within the film community, the premiere Dallas fundraiser has honored some of the biggest names in film including Robert Duvall, Lee Daniels, John Lithgow and Val Kilmer. Proceeds from the evening are directed to the year-round programming of the Dallas Film Society, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, and more specifically the 2015 Dallas International Film Festival, presented by AutoNation and the 2015 DFS Summer Film Camp, presented by SMU – Division of Film & Media Arts.

The Art of Film offers an opportunity for 300 film lovers to gather for an elegant dinner and to enjoy a moderated conversation with and honor the very talented Toni Collette who has a vast array of credits from film, television and Broadway. Collette made an indelible impression on Hollywood with her beautiful portrayal as the hopeless and desperate ‘Muriel Heslop’ in P.J. Hogan’s 1994 film, MURIEL’S WEDDING and has since starred in a variety of intriguingly diverse roles throughout the last two decades. Ms. Collette’s credits include THE WAY, WAY BACK, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, DINNER WITH FRIENDS, THE MAGIC PUDDING, HOTEL SPLENDIDE, THE JAMES GANG, THE CLOCKWATCHERS, THE PALLBEARER, LILIAN’S STORY, ABOUT A BOY, THE HOURS, and THE SIXTH SENSE.

Born and raised in Australia, Collette was a student at Australia’s prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). In addition to her undeniable talent on-screen, Collette has had the opportunity to demonstrate her talents on Broadway’s stage. In 2000, she starred in the highly anticipated revival of THE WILD PARTY alongside Mandy Patinkin and Eartha Kitt. In the role of ‘Queenie,’ Collette displayed her extraordinary range as both actress and singer. Additional stage credits include performances for the Velvoir Street Theater and the Sydney Theater Company.

Elvis Mitchell, former NY Times and Fort Worth Star-Telegram Film Critic and newly appointed Artistic Director of the L.A. Film Festival, will serve as guest moderator for the evening that will certainly be filled with wonderful dialogue between Mitchell and Ms. Collette. James Faust, Artistic Director of the Dallas Film Society, exclaims, “Toni Collette has built one of the most versatile acting careers in all of Hollywood. Instantly recognizable and always stellar, Ms. Collette will do the Dallas Film Society a great honor when she accepts the Dallas Star Award.”

The Art of Film, set to take place at Dallas’ remarkable Perot Museum of Nature & Science, is supported by Pam and Mark Denesuk, on board as Event Chairs and Barbara and Steve Durham as Honorary Chairs. “The Dallas Film Society is an instrumental part of the thriving arts scene in Dallas and film festivals have been a passion project of ours for many years,” states Mark Denesuk, Founder and Managing Principal of Commerce House and The Art of Film 2014 Event Chair along with his wife Pam. “We’re eager to play a part in the signature benefit event for the Dallas Film Society that allows filmmakers to be recognized for their great works and empowers the next generation of filmmakers through camps, high school programs, and the Dallas International Film Festival.”

“I look forward to The Art of Film each year and 2014 is going to be stellar with the assistance in planning and leadership from the Denesuk’s and Durham’s,” said Dallas Film Society CEO and President Lee Papert. “These couples not only possess the skills to ensure another great year for The Art of Film, but their commitment to community involvement and philanthropy speaks volumes as dedicated corporate citizens.”

Individual tickets from $500 are available for purchase, and underwriting opportunities are available from $5,000-$40,000. The Art of Film begins with red carpet arrivals and reception at 6:30PM, the conversation at 7:30PM and the seated dinner at 8:30PM. Additional information regarding The Art of Film can be found on the Dallas Film Society’s website, Contact Jennifer Dworkin at or call 214.720.0555 for more information.

Having a Rough Day? Here’s 5 Films that are so Entertaining, you’ll forget your Problems

We all have those days.  Work has been stressing you out and you feel miserable.  Your having relationship troubles. Your starting feel insecure about yourself. Overall, your in the dramatic “I hate life” mode.  Anytime I tend to get in this random mood for whatever reason, movies have always been my cure!  When you’re watching a great film, you get to have a wonderful escape.

In this particular mood, I tend to go for films that don’t require heavy concentration. Light-hearted, feel good or even a horror will help.  These are the five films that are so entertaining, you’ll be focusing on the story and the characters’ problems instead of your own for at least two hours or so.

Pitch Perfect

Get Pitch-Slapped!


For the Fun: Starring Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson, this film just represents “Glee”fulness.   The musical numbers are hilarious and actually really good.  In case anyone didn’t know, Anna Kendrick got her start on broadway.  After seeing the Oscar nominated actress in some strong, big screen performances, its nice to see her showing off both talents in this surprisingly, fun film.  Pitch Perfect is a happy, colorful movie that everyone will enjoy singing along to.  Throw in some major WTF moments and a cute romance, you will be singing to yourself, “what problems?”

Little Miss Sunshine

What makes you a winner in life?


For the Message: This Oscar nominated film is more than just breakout performances and inappropriate humor.  The story about this family of “losers” may start out a bit depressing, but as the movie continues you will find that winning the top prize doesn’t necessarily make you a winner in life.  Having people in your life that love and support you no matter what is often what winners and losers strive for.  It’s the message of this film that will leave you still thinking about it even when it’s finished.

Meet the Parents

You’ll be grateful your name is not Gaylord Focker


For the Appreciation: Whatever your problem is, it can’t be any worse than what Gaylord ‘Greg’ Focker (Ben Stiller) goes through in one of the most hilarious films of all time.  As if meeting your girlfriend’s parents wasn’t nerve-racking enough, having one of those parents be ex CIA, Jack Byrnes (Robert De Niro) is terrifying.  There are so many obstacles Greg goes through, including lost luggage, a lie detector test, broken noses and so much more that you will appreciate the fact that you aren’t in his shoes.  Besides feeling ultimate sympathy for Greg in this film, you may also think twice before checking a bag for your next flight.

Tommy Boy

Chris Farley in his little coat


For the Laughs: Chris Farley was a comedy genius and paired with David Spade, together they were a dynamic duo.  This slapstick comedy is a laugh out loud riot.  As these two are on a mission to sell an impossible amount of brake pads, they encounter so many ridiculous events from cow tipping to a deer fight.  Tommy Boy is a true underdog story, you root for Tommy and laugh at his pain.  There may be one disaster after another in this film, but there is also heart and friendship.  Just sit back and enjoy the catastrophe that these two characters go through, you will more than likely end still laughing and quoting lines.


What’s your favorite scary movie?


For the Scare:  A good scary movie can cure a lot of problems.  Really any horror flick will do the trick here, but one of my personal favorites is the cult classic, Scream. The opening sequence to this film is one of the best from any scary movie.   You may think all the comedy spoofs for these films will make you unable to take it seriously, but try watching it by yourself in the dark.  Regardless of the cheesy romantic scenes and sometimes predictable murders, it’s just a fun scary movie.  Scream has a great story, good mystery, lots of stabbing and it’s just scary enough for you to still be able to sleep easy after watching.  However, if you would like to have night terrors, try The Exorcist or the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.