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Movie Review” Lifetime’s “Expecting Amish” is a Ridiculously Lame Love Story

Expecting Amish is a drama about four Amish teenagers living in rural Pennsylvania.  When they are allowed to go to Los Angeles to experience RUMSPRINGA or rite of passage, Mary (Alyson Stoner), Isaac (Cameron Boyd) and Sara (Aurelia Scheppers) are excited to make the trip but Hannah (AJ Michalka) is reluctant to leave her father (Brian Krause), siblings and her “fiancée”, Samuel (Jean-Luc Bilodeau).

Once they get to Los Angeles, everyone but Hannah immediately enjoy their new freedom.  Encouraged to spread her wings and go to a college party, Hannah meets Josh (Jesse McCartney) in the most cliché rom-com way and the two become inseparable.  When Hannah begins having feelings for Josh, her friends become concerned. Eventually, the time comes for the four to return to their Amish lives and be baptized by their elder (Ron Ely).  But Hannah struggles between choosing to live the life she’s expected to, or the one she wants.  Things get even more complicated when she discovers a shocking secret that will change her life forever.

Maybe it’s because after the last Lifetime drama I was spoiled into thinking they would continue to push the boundaries on their “risqué” films.  But Expecting Amish has to be one of the safest and unexciting movies I’ve seen from Lifetime in a while.  Considering its premise, I was hoping for a lot more fights, sex, partying, etc-you know the basics of a rebellious teen Lifetime drama.  Though there is sex, there is no passion.  Hannah and Josh come off as friends forcing sexual chemistry that is just not there.

Putting the undesirable romance aside, even the subplots are weak.  So many characters are set up for some stimulating storylines, but instead of seeing them through, they are blown over and their wrong doings are never addressed again.

Expecting Amish might as well be a blip in this Saturday night’s TV line up.  There’s nothing to see here people, change the channel.

Rating: 1.5/5

Expecting Amish premieres on Lifetime Saturday July 19 at 8pm ET/7c.

Movie Review: “Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs” Might be the Most Disturbing Lifetime Film Yet

Parents I seriously advise you to make sure the kiddos are in bed before watching this one.

Get ready to see Tony Goldwyn (Scandal) like you’ve never seen him before.  Goldwyn stars as Warren Jeffs, the infamous Polygamist cult leader who spent more than a year on the FBI’s “10 Most Wanted List” for his unlawful flight on charges related to his arrangement of illegal marriages involving underage girls.

After his father (Martin Landau) passes away leaving behind 56 wives, Warren (Goldwyn) takes on his leadership role as the prophet for Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  Basically, the community follows “God’s Law” and believes that women must be obedient wives.  The prophet is the only one who can speak to God and relays the message to the citizens.   A man can have numerous wives and the women have no say in the matter, because apparently God chooses who they are given away to.  If this doesn’t sound gross enough, Jeffs was arranging marriages to girls as young as 12 years-old!

The film itself is grotesque and continuously uncomfortable. Lifetime allows the audience to see some in-depth sex scenes that I wish I hadn’t.  The words spoken to these young girls by Jeffs while having intercourse will haunt me for years to come.  However, the story of Warren Jeffs was conveyed so well that it is worth the watch.

Besides a few small characters, all the leads did a fantastic job in the film.  Goldwyn morphs into his sickening character and Joey King (Fargo) continues her streak as a star on the rise.  This girl is incredible in any role she plays.

I can handle most Lifetime dramas, but Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs was tough to sit through.

Rating: 3/5

Premiering Saturday, June 28, at 8pm ET/PT.  Immediately following the movie’s world premiere, Lifetime will air the hour-long documentary Beyond the Headlines: Warren Jeffs, at 10pm ET/PT.