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Movie Review: “Rise of the Fellowship” should Entertain Tolkien Fanatics

Now this film isn’t for the ordinary Lord of the Rings fans.  It is for the hardcore fanatics that have probably watched the trilogy multiple times, and for any die hard gamer.

It’s the classic underdog story with a Lord of the Rings spin to it.  Randall Dooley(Justin Moe) and his three best friends are not exactly the popular kids in school.  Randall spends most of his free time playing online games.  He is constantly bullied by his brother and the other school jocks, all the while pining for the “beautiful” head cheerleader.  But everything changes when Randall hears about the Lord of the Rings gaming competition in Orlando, Florida.  Finally, a chance to prove himself as a winner!  Unfortunately, the chance for Randall and his friends to compete is comprised.  This leads them on an unforgettable journey, in the hopes to be named video gaming champions.

The parallel to the actual Lord of the Rings film in comparison to Randall’s real life is quite interesting.  You’ve got your flash drive that’s as precious as “the ring.”  A whispering, heavy breather dork that’s as odd as “Gollum.”  And even Baba Melvin Schnabel, the peaceful leader of a hippie group is as wise as Gandolf.

All the sequences flow well and maintain an interesting enough story.  The direction and filming is pretty good too, considering this is for an online network channel.  The acting is week among the supporting cast, but the core group is not so bad, particularly Melvin, played by Wolf J. Sherrill.  Though the film doesn’t generate many laughs, Melvin is the reason for whatever chuckles you may produce.

I will not say this is a film for everyone to see, especially not for people who dislike The Lord of the Rings franchise.  This is a pretty predictable film and follows the standard underdog storyline. But Rise of the Fellowship’s target audience of gamers and Tolkien fans will enjoy this somewhat of a parody film.

Releases on December 3rd.

Rise of the Fellowship Official Trailer

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