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Movie Review: “The Future” is Anything but Exciting

The most important thing that I learned from this film is don’t trust two random Italian guys.  Especially, when they say they only want to stay over for one night.  They will overstay their welcome and you will hate them.

Growing up is hard to do, and for Bianca (Manuela Martelli) it is something she forced to do once her parents die in a car accident.  Now her and her younger brother, Tomas (Luigi Ciardo), must take care of themselves.  Bianca must take full responsibility of Tomas, otherwise they will be separated and placed in an orphanage.  In the beginning, it seems hopeless.  Bianca gets a job as hair washer at a salon, and Tomas keeps skipping school.  On top of that their apartment continues to pile up with a mess.  However, things change once Tomas allows his two new sleazy gym friends to stay over.  Though they can cook and clean, they have made themselves annoyingly comfortable in Bianca and Tomas’ home.  To make matters worse, the two have come up with a plan to get a huge sum of cash by having Bianca engage in a sexual relationship with a once famous actor (Rutger Hauer) who is now blind.  Hoping that while she is in his home she can find his safe and rob him blind… I’m sorry that was too easy.  But things get complicated when Bianca starts to care for the actor who was once known as the incredible “Maciste.”

The film was not horrible; it was just not that great.  Nothing “big” ever happened.  It is like the film maintained a steady pace the entire time.  While you are watching you keep expecting some twists or even some scare, but that never occurs.

I can not knock the acting, it was solid and Manuela Martelli is not only beautiful, but she is a joy to watch.  She has an effortless about her when she is on screen.  Literally, she could be doing nothing and yet she is still so enchanting.  This is probably why the relationship she has with Maciste is so believable.

This is a great self discovery story.  More about finding a normalcy within yourself to get your life back on track, and maybe start over with the new found you.  The Future has an interesting plot and great acting, but sadly the execution dragged and lacked anticipation.


The Future (2013) Trailer HD

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