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Top 5 “Boy Meets World” Episodes

Girl Meets World debuts tomorrow night on Disney channel.  But before we step into the world of Cory and Topanga’s young daughter, let’s take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the couple and their friends during the original series.

Here are my top 5 Boy Meets World episodes…Well top 6 (this was a VERY hard list!!!).

6. Cult Fiction

Feeling that something is missing, Shawn joins a cult that promises not to judge him. But when Mr. Turner is in a motorcycle accident, Shawn learns it’s the real relationships with people who care about him that matter.

“I don’t want to be empty inside anymore”- Shawn Hunter


Best Moments: After showing him what a “real” hug is from someone who cares about you, Cory forces Shawn to stay with an unconscious Mr. Turner in the hospital room.  There Shawn breaks down and gives a heartfelt monologue, praying that Mr. Turner survives.  We also see just how much the supposed “loner” is loved by the people in his life.

5. Everybody Loves Stuart

Stuart is the cool, young professor that everyone likes. But the tables turn when he makes a move on Topanga in her dorm room, causing a violent reaction from Cory.

“Is it okay if I rip off your head and roll it down the hallway?”- Mr. Feeny


Best Moments: A hilarious, dramatic courtroom entrance by Eric Matthews followed by more proof that Mr. Feeny is the best teacher ever.  Though this episode was at times a little awkward, given the sexual harasser was played by Ben Savage’s older brother, Fred Savage; it’s one that pushed the boundaries of a regular Disney family sitcom.

4. Chick Like Me

Shawn dresses up like a girl to experience a girl’s point of view; and it’s not what he expected.

“Why is everybody staring? What are they looking at?”- Shawn Hunter


Best Moments: We find out that a female version of Shawn is just as hot as the male version.  And we are treated to multiple laughs from the entire episode as Shawn and Cory feel the insecurities of a woman.

3. Last Tango In Philly

Cory and Shawn don’t want to go dancing, so the girls go with two handsome co-workers. The ensuing jealousy only angers Topanga and Angela, and now the boys have a problem. They just want to make their girlfriends happy, but can’t quite figure out how.

“From the beginning of time, men have been idiots.”- Eric Matthews


Best Moments: Meeting Nunzio for the first and last time, “of this I am sure.”  And an unforgettable dance number by all the male characters, who get up on stage and shake their booty to the music of Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff.

2. The Happiest Show On Earth

Cory and Topanga still have feelings for each other, but she’s seen him with so many other girls that she can’t trust him. When Topanga wins a trip to Disney World, he realizes there’s nothing left to do but follow her, and win her back.

“I mean, we did break up for a reason, right?”- Topanga Lawrence
“So we could get back together.”- Cory Matthews


Best Moments: It’s hard to pick just one Cory and Topanga central-focused episode. Their first kiss was epic, and as they got older their break ups, make ups, engagement, marriage, and many other mile stones can never be forgotten.  But their first make up in Disney World wasn’t just sweet, it was magical.

1. And Then There Was Shawn

Locked inside the school during detention, the group is terrorized by a shrouded, skeleton-masked figure. In this fun and frenzied horror movie spoof, the teens must discover who the killer is if they want to escape with their lives.

“Oh my God! They killed Feeny!”- Eric Matthews


Best Moments: There are countless one-liners, a constantly screaming Angela, and a great homage to the “classic” rules of horror flicks.  Jennifer Love Hewitt makes a notable guest appearance as “Jennifer Love Fefferman,” sparking a sneaky jealous Topanga to lurk behind her as she flirts with Cory.  This episode is better than most of the scary movie spoofs made today.