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Movie Review: “Angels Sing” Is A Heart Warming Tearjerker

As if I wasn’t excited enough for the Christmas lights that would be soon be surrounding me this season, Angels Sing has got me ready to plug-in the chord and illuminate my neighborhood.

The holiday spirit isn’t for everyone and for Michael Walker (Harry Connick Jr.) it’s been gone for over 30 years.  A terrible accident on Christmas morning caused him to loose his older brother.  Everyone around Michael has tried to bring out the happiness he once had.  Sadly, nothing has ever seemed to work.  Things only get worse when Michael and his family move into their dream home that is a part of the biggest neighborhood light-show in the country.  Michael refuses to be a part of the festivities, causing conflict with his neighbors.  But when tragedy strikes, and his son starts to follow in daddy’s bitter footsteps.  Michael realizes he must make amends with his past.  With the help from a generous stranger named Nick (Willie Nelson), he is encouraged to find the joy he once felt.

Compared to other holiday films, this is much sadder than most.  I had a constant lump in my throat the entire time I was watching.  The story was good and creative in its own way.  The last thirty minutes of the film drags.  You kind of know how it is going to end at this point, so you are getting anxious to see the outcome.

I particularly enjoyed the performances by Harry Connick Jr., Connie Britton, and Kris Kristofferson.  I liked how Connick didn’t go full “Scrooge.”  His character is still a loving father and husband.  He gives a realistic portrayal of how someone would feel about a specific day that resurfaces the worst memory from your life.  You don’t hate him, you sympathize with him.

I can’t say that this film will stand out among the wave of Christmas movies this year.  But the message of the movie should be one that no one forgets.  “Memories are the best gift a father can give his son.”  To put it in terms relatable to everyone, memories are the best gift you can give anyone.  So make sure you leave great ones for people to remember you by.

Rated PG for mild thematic elements and brief language.

Angels Sing is now playing or coming soon to select cities.

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