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Review: “Fifty Shades of Grey” is an Arousing Adaptation that May Only Pleasure the Readers

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson star in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey

Bondage, Flogging, and Spanking, these are a few of Christian Grey’s favorite things.  But when Anastasia Steele comes into his life, his particular routine in sexual activities begins to fluctuate.

Those who have read Fifty Shades of Grey have anxiously been waiting to see Christian and Ana’s story come to life on the big screen.  Though readers anticipate the film, they also worry about how the “movie version” of their beloved tale will stay true to the book.  In this case, fans are concerned with the casting, the chemistry, and just how graphic the sex scenes are going to be.  E. L. James’ best-selling novel did an incredible job at describing a hot, titillating romance, which originated from a Twilight fan fiction series.  Well you can be rest assured that the film exudes enough heat to warm up your entire theater.

Both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, who play Christian and Ana, have great chemistry.  Their instant attraction to each other is believable, and the relationship never feels forced.  These two characters meet all thanks to fate.  When her best friend, Kate (Eloise Mumford), gets the flu, Ana fills in for her journalism assignment interviewing Christian Grey, a 27-year old billionaire who is going be the guest speaker at their college graduation.  After an unforgettable and intense interview, Christian makes a few surprise appearances in Ana’s daily life, making their attraction grow stronger.  Christian quickly puts a halt to their “situation” and tells Ana to stay away from him, as he is no good for her.  That break lasts about all of two seconds.  Ana gets drunk and calls Christian to tell him off.  He comes and saves her from the drunken state she’s in.  The next morning the two share a passionate kiss in an elevator.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Ana should be relishing in that fact that she has just found her dream man.  Christian is handsome, charming, and rich.  The only problem is, this young billionaire has got a dark past and can only be in a dominant/submissive relationship.  So while Ana hopes to have the normal dinner and movie dates, all Christian can think about is whipping her in his “playroom.”

As for the sex scenes, director Sam Taylor-Johnson plays it safe.  They are tastefully done in an effective way that shows us just how sexy and twisted Christian is.  Nudity is limited to topless and butt shots.  Sorry ladies, don’t expect to see Christian full frontal.

Unfortunately since Dornan’s role is meant to be controlling and lack emotion, he comes off stiff.  It is Johnson who shines and gives a break out performance as Anastasia Steele, giving an at times irritating character humor and likability.

Here’s the thing.  As a fan of the book, I was enthralled by this film.  They cut out all the bad parts of the book and focused on the emotional struggle of the couple’s relationship. However, I find some of my fellow critics to be warranted in their negative reviews.  The plot of the story is thin and a tad redundant.  Ultimately, we’re watching a girl date a guy that she’s hoping will change for her.  It is an interesting character study, especially on the troubled Christian Grey, who can’t seem to let anyone in.  That just may not be enough for the regular movie-goer.

If you go into Fifty Shades of Grey with an open mind and have fun with the story, then there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the movie.  Given that there is an added kink to this romance, that aspect of the film is something different to look forward to.   And for the fellas who are being forced to watch, I’m sure you will be rewarded with plenty of enjoyment after the film is over.


Fifty Shades of Grey opens in theaters tonight at 8pm.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Official Trailer HD


Musical Review: ’50 Shades! The Musical’ Is A Laugh Out Loud Riot!

Get ready to see and hear Ana and Christian like you’ve never imagined them before!

Samuels, Dorezas and Cordell present the original 50 Shades of GreyParody.  “50 Shades! The Musical” has been a phenomenon in Chicago , New York , and at the Edinburge Fringe Festival.  The Dallas City Performance Hall’s premiere lived up to the all show’s hype.

Taking place in a more intimate theater, the show becomes immediately engaging for the audience.  The Musical opens with three women who gather for a book club meeting and decide to read Fifty Shades of Grey.   As the women start to read the novel, their interpretation of it begins to play out by some corky and colorful actors who play exaggerated versions of the book’s characters.  From there, you are in for a hilarious ride packed with dance numbers and witty original songs with a live on-stage band.

With such an animated and lively cast, you will forget that the main setting on the stage is a plain, single, grey bed.  A few props here and there, and some run of the mill choreography will every now and then fill the stage.  Luckily, the entire cast that consists of 8 does such a wonderful job of filling the stage with energy, especially Anastasia and Christian.  Both actors who played the characters had power house voices, and had no problem making completely inappropriate fools of themselves.  Given that this is a spoof, the two characters are different in a lot of ways in comparison to what fans have read.  Ana is a more dim-witted virgin who has traded her independent, smart mouth for a high pitched naïve voice.  And Christian Grey…well I think it’s best for audiences to just go see this Christian for themselves.

The biggest stand out in this musical was the ridiculous original songs that you will surely want to hear again.  “There’s a Hole Inside of Me” could not have gone more perfect with the story and could not be more unsuitable for children.

This play does contain adult content and is very much intended for mature audiences, obviously.  Even if you haven’t read the book, I’m sure you know what it is primarily about.  It is 69 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.  The musical flies by and is over before you know it.  Gentlemen who are dreading being forced to go see this with their girlfriends, don’t fret.  ”50 Shades! The Musical” is a story entertaining for both sexes.

The show will be running at the Dallas City Performance Hall until January 11th.

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