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Quick Review: “Air” is a Slam Dunk!


I am so happy to say, not only is this movie a slam dunk, but it’s one of the best films of the year so far. I know it’s early to say that, but this one is going to stick with audiences all year long.

“Air” is directed by Ben Affleck, who also stars in the film, alongside Matt Damon, Viola Davis, Jason Bateman, Chris Tucker and Chris Messina. The film is about a sports marketing executive, played by Damon, and how he led Nike in its pursuit of the greatest athlete in the history of basketball: Michael Jordan. The film’s premise is simple and concise, but also, effective and moving thanks to outstanding performances by its all-star cast.

A big part of the reason why “Air” soars is because of the film’s authenticity. Ben Affleck wanted to do this story right, so he met with Michael Jordan and made sure he approved of the facts and what they would be portraying. Jordan’s only request was that Viola Davis play his mom. And who can blame him? She’s fantastic. Ben Affleck continues to prove himself as a skilled director with his brilliant focus and passion for storytelling.

The film is a witty crowd-pleaser that moves quick. It’s hilarious and has a great message about following your instincts and taking risks. “Air” is an inspiring true story everyone should see.

Rating: A+


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