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Movie Review: “Five Dances” is an Emotional Journey filled with Sensuality

Dancing speaks louder than words in this latest coming of age narrative by Alan Brown.

Five Dances chronicles the rehearsal period for a series of 5 different dance routines, and tells the stories of the four dancers and primary choreographer inside the studio.  Mainly following Chip (Ryan Steele), an 18 year-old young dancer who has recently arrived in New York City, as he interacts with each of his fellow dancers.  As we get a more personal insight to their lives, we see a strong attraction is formed between Chip and his dance partner, Theo (Reed LuPlau).  Struggling financially and having to deal with a needy mother back home in Kansas, Chip must find a way to make a new home for himself in New York while trying to avoid the undeniable desire he has for Theo.

Making their big screen debuts, the entire cast prove they are multi-talented with their spectacular performances.  Ryan Steele recently wrapped up his run as “Specs” in Disney’s Newsies and is now preparing for an ensemble role in the Broadway adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Matilda.  In Five Dances, Steele carries the film as the often times shy and awkward lead.  Though Steele is supported by a strong cast, it’s the incredible chemistry he and LuPlau radiate off the screen that makes this film even more memorable.  LaPlau, the Australian born dancer/actor, has been dancing since the age of 18 months.  In 2009 he won the award for “Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer” for Sid’s Waltzing Masquerade.  Together, LaPlau and Steele give breakout performances through their dramatic romance.

Writer/Director Alan Brown (Private Romeo, Superheroes, Book of Love) does a brilliant job as he manages to tell the storylines largely through the dance numbers.  I never thought a film with barely any dialogue, minimal casting, and basically one setting could say so much.  In most dance movies the dancing is more of a special feature, adding to the entertainment value of the film.  Five Dances heavily relies on the dancing to move the story forward.  As someone who usually prefers a great amount of witty and meaningful dialogue in films, I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged I was by the characters.  A simple leg extension could articulate “Hey I’m young and new but I will work my ass off trying to prove to you that I belong here.”  Just a fair warning, this film is strictly about the characters.  There is no dance competition pitting the characters against each other or even a big eccentric plot.  Besides a climactic love scene that builds up between Chip and Theo, you are in for 83 minutes of pure character development packed with seductive choreography.

Five Dances opens in theaters October 4th.

Five Dances Official Trailer HD

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